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  1. Hi my name is Emma Childs & I'm a professional artist who lives near the coast in South Devon.If you've just joined me, hello to you all & welcome to my blog!  Basically I blog about all manner of things art, art & a bit more art with the odd blog about pets or animals thrown in.

    Now I like to<blog break> always include links for you so that I can share some incredible people & their artwork I have met along my journey!

    Today I have become a member of 'issuu', a publication company, one of their publications being Fine Arts Magazine where a friend on LinkedIn called MONA YOUSSEF has had her gallery selected from 70 international galleries to be reviewed in ArtMonaco 2014 & published in Fine Arts Magazine, she is an amazing woman with incredible drive & enthusiasm who's success has led her to many wonderful opportunities within the Art world. She is also curating an important exhibition 'Art Ibiza' in 2015!

    I want to share this with you so I'm including the link below,


    Check it out, it's pretty impressive. Award winning Mona youssef (a highly acclaimed award winning artist herself!) has formed a group of very talented artists from all over the world to exhibit together & online through various highly successfull events. 

    You can also watch her videos on you tube/mona Youssef

    That's my rave for today! 

    Please feel free to leave your comments, I would love to hear from you & your recommendations for any current artists that deserve a shout out!

    Have a great day all! 

    Love Em x